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VEPro has all the key programming tools and expertise that allows generating keys for lost keys situation or adding spare keys for advanced modules on the bench. These modules are mostly common on a wide range of vehicles. They are responsible for the interior functions of the vehicle and it’s remote key functions.  At VEPro we can unlock, repair and recode these modules based on your needs. Unlike many other locksmiths, at VEPro we use advanced tools and OEM factory software to program any immobilizer system. We are fully equipped in all vehicle protocols and we fully understand how a vehicle works. Whether it’s a simple duplicate or an all keys situation, we are fully trained in key making.

Lost Car Keys

VEPro’s lost car keys service sets us apart from all of our other counterparts. We make sure you receive the best quality services from VePro which is simply not available from any other locksmith offering a similar service. We offer mail in service for lost car keys by providing a step by step process to our customers on how to remove the module and send it over to us.

Spare Key Service

At VEPro, we offer MAIL IN SERVICE for spare keys which requires that we provide our customers with step by step instructions on how to remove the module and send it over to us. At VEPro we prioritize sharp customer service, responsiveness and attention to detail.

Key Refurbishments

At VEPro we constantly aim at providing solutions to each problem with the fastest way possible but not sacrificing the quality of the work. VEPro never fails to deliver during the most crucial times. If you are having problems with your original keys, we offer key refurbishment services to get your key back to it’s new fully working and efficient condition. Our refurbishment services consist of new blading, new casing, new battery and full repair. The refurbishment service takes less than 24 hours. In this regard, our company always strives to offer the most trustworthy refurbishment services with extreme professionalism

Having team members who are vehicle locksmith specialists, VEPro offers top quality locksmith services. Our services are affordable, reliable and extremely quick. Whether your current problem is lost key, key not working, broken key, worn key or keys locked in your vehicle, we cater for all situations for all of our customers as one of our major specialties is replacement car keys and remote keys. It does not matter if your key had an encrypted chip that can not be copied, we are sure to get you back on track. We simply produce a new key and then using sophisticated tools we code it directly to your vehicle. We can duplicate car keys and program them to your ECU or immobilizer box at a very affordable price setting you on the road within 24 hours.  

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