Module Bench Services


VEPro has the tools and expertise in-house to bench test various modules to identify problems specific to the module without the presence of the vehicle. This type of testing eliminates the variables introduced by the vehicle computers which may cause a faulty diagnostic.


VEPro has the programmers and expertise in-house to be able to clone from one module to another. This type of service is typically used when the original module is damaged due electrical short, water damage, and requires copying the vehicle’s data using specialized programmers into another used or new module.


VEPro has the proper equipment’s and expertise needed to repair water damaged modules, internally shorted modules, corrupted data, to revive either the hardware or the software, through electronic component replacement and advanced software correction algorithms.


VEPro has all the key programming tools and expertise that allows generating keys for lost keys situation or adding spare keys for advanced modules on the bench.

Vehicle Simulation

VEPro has in-house wiring harnesses and bench setups that would allow to connect multiple modules of the same vehicle and test the operation of the system through OBD and advanced diagnostic tools. This would also allow simulation of various scenarios to test specific inputs and outputs of control modules.


VEPro has advanced programmers and expertise to tune various ECU modules to boost horsepower and torque within tested limits.

Why Choose VEPro

At VEPro, we have hands on expertise and experience to troubleshoot and repair most automotive problems in the field. We always make sure the latest tools are available and the team is trained up to date with the latest information.


Advanced Soldering
Hardware Troubleshooting
Software Coding
Electronics Testing

VEPro History

VEPro was founded to service the automotive electronics market. With vehicle electronics increasing in presence, and module programming becoming a necessity, VEPro offers the expertise and services needed to Repair/Clone/Program/Test/Diagnose/Tune various control modules saving customers money.

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Words About Us

Our Solutions

VEPro offers automotive hardware and software solutions for all your car electronics needs. Services include Chip Tuning, Module Bench Testing, Data Corruption Repair, Control Module Cloning, Electronic Keys Service, Hardware Repairs and more.

Our Missions

VEPro Mission is to make it easier for DIYs, Mechanic Shops and Dealers to service their Control Modules needs through Mail in Service from anywhere around the world.

Our Visions

Vision is to create VEPro a global brand name and expand Repair Service Centres around the World.

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