Welcome to Vehicle Electronic Professionals VEPro. VEPro was founded to provide efficient and professional services to the ever growing automobile electronics market. (3)


Welcome to Vehicle Electronic Professionals VEPro . VEPro was founded to provide efficient and professional services to the ever growing automobile electronics market. With the rapid current increase in vehicle electronics and module programming becoming a necessity, VEPro offers hands down professional and first class services to the automobile industry. All of our services include:
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Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easier for DIYs, Mechanic Shops and dealers to service their Control Module needs through Mail in Service from anywhere in the world. VEPro offers automotive hardware and software solutions for all your car electronic needs. Such services include Chip tuning, Module Bench Testing, Data Corruption Repair, Control Module Cloning, Electronic Keys Services, Hardware repair and more. We strive to create a global brand name and expand repair services all around the world. Our skills ranges from Advanced Soldering to Hardware troubleshooting, Software coding, Electronics testing and tuning.



At VEPro we take pride in offering top notch services for each of our customers. From the moment we have the modules in our possession till when it gets shipped out, first hand special handling and care is given or provided as we treat every module we receive as our own. Be assured that when selecting VEPro you are not only choosing a first class reputable company of professionals and experts who render the best of electronic services but you are working with a great and successful team that will work along with you and help you in efficiently solving your vehicle electronic problems as they arise.


At VEPro we offer step by step guidance to removing respective modules that are mailed-in to our facility where a proficient technician handles your module with ultimate care. Our turn around service time is one of the fastest in the business.

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