Mercedes no start no-on condition

A lot of Mercedes vehicles key system rely on several other vehicle modules to allow the car to turn on and start. If any of these other vehicle modules are corrupted or damaged you will have the symptom of the car not turning on as if the battery of the car is dead in these cases we are able to diagnose which of the computer modules of your vehicles is damaged and repair or replace it with another one. In most cases we require 2 modules, the first is the Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS), this module has the key information stored and is responsible to make sure that the key that is inserted is an authorized key to allow the car to start. The next module is the Electronic Steering Lock (ESL) this module is responsible to release the steering lock, once it receives the start authorization command from the EIS. At VEPro we are able to bench test the key and the EIS and the ESL to diagnose which is the problem that is not allowing the vehicle to start. Whether it is the key, the EIS or the ESL, we are able to replace the part and save you thousands of dollars compared to the dealer.