Our Working Process

At VEPro we take pride for offering top notch service for each of our customers. From the moment the modules are in our hands till when its shipped out, special handling and care is provided, as we treat every module we receive, as our own. Be assured that when selecting VEPro you are not only selecting a reputable company, but you are selecting the best team that works along you to solve your Vehicle Electronic problems.

Bench Module Cloning

Bench Module Repair

Bench Module Diagnostic

Bench Vehicle Simulation

Mail-In Services

At VEPro we offer step by step guidance to removing respective modules that are mailed-in to our facility where a proficient technician handles your module with ultimate care. Our turn around service time is one of the fastest in the business. Browse Products

Why choose VEPro

At VEPro, we have hands on expertise and experience to troubleshoot and repair most automotive problems in the field. We always make sure the latest tools are available and the team is trained up to date with the latest information.


Advanced Soldering
Hardware Troubleshooting
Software Coding
Electronics Testing