Does your airbag light always stay on? VePro is here to serve you. Our team of professionals would help you reset your AC airbag module to its original factory condition, saving you the cost and time of having to purchase a new one.

Service Specifications

VePro airbag repair services would clear all crash codes inside your airbag modules and also reset your airbag lights. Entrust your AC airbag module to our licensed professionals, and you are assured of excellent service.


Our airbag repair services would save you cost and time by repairing your damaged module. You don’t have to spend on purchasing and programming a new module.


Airbag control modules have other common names like: airbag module, SRS airbag control module, airbag ECU, restraint control module, SRS control module, SAS unit, Event data recorder. 

Vehicles Supported

The AC airbag reset service supports the FORD 14B321 vehicle model. 

How much will it cost you?

The cost for the AC airbag reset service is $80.00. This price is cost-effective compared to the price of a new module. 

How to make your payment.

All payments for the Ford 14B321 AC airbag repair service are made through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can easily create one on the PayPal website. Please do not make any payments to third parties for any of the services. 

Shipping Information

Your module would be shipped back to your address. Ensure you wrap the modules in padded bubbles to protect them during shipping. Make sure your modules are also insured before you send them.


Do I need to program my VIN after repair? 

No, you won’t have to because our airbag module reset service would electronically register the module to your vehicle’s VIN. 

How long does the repair service take?

Once your airbag control module is received, the repair would be done within two working days and then shipped back to you.

How do I set up my module upon return?

You do not need any technical expertise to set up your module for you, as it would be 99% plug-and-play upon return.

Warranty Information 

VEPro AC airbag repair service offers you a 100% money-back guarantee. They are confident of the services provided, knowing they are giving the best of what is obtainable in the automobile service industry. 


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