Bench ECU Tuning

Bench tuning is quite easy and often times the ECU can be programmed over the OBD socket but is frequently removed due to other reasons.
Bench ECU Tuning is now an important method of programming due to emergence of newer ECU’s and together with the car makers ‘locking’ up the OBDII port by enabling the crucial boot pin. Prior to these days, tuners had to solder on & off the legs of the ECU chip. The currently used bench tuning is as easy as touching the legs with part pin for immediate reading and writing. This stops the occurrence of burnt ECU as soldering is no longer involved. Bench tuning also permits us to recover full dealer code to make sure that our customers enjoy their complete warranty privileges without the appearance of an unwanted ‘ecu programming that counter jumps’. This event is mostly common with the OBD tuning. Bench tuning is mostly preferred as it safe and reliable. Every client has their own needs and expectations so we fashion our services to meet those needs.

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Bench tuning is quite easy and often times the ECU can be programmed over the OBD socket but is frequently removed due to other reasons. Most times,it is often difficult to access the complete map data region over the OBD socket, this signifies the failure of the ECU which requires replacement. For our Bench ECU tuning, we offer bench tuning services which requires that our customers have to remove their modules and send them over to us. If needed we also offer our bench tuning services at our shop or onsite.
Quite a number of later vehicles have installed in them the anti-tune software programming which relates to the fact that such vehicles are unable to be remapped via the OBD socket. Most of our competitors are only able to provide OBD remapping but definitely not here at VEPro. We usually advice an oil and filter map change before the remap if your vehicle is yet to have undergone servicing in recent times. This makes sure that you get optimal results from the remap and your engine stays in a healthy state as much as possible.
For ages now, car engines have been controlled electronically by the use of an ECU (Electronically controlled unit). This constitutes the brain of the vehicle and defines the timing of the ignition, boost pressure, fueling and other parameters required for running an efficient car engine. These parameters can be fully optimized to improve the welfare and performance of your car engine. This is achieved by reprogramming the factory ECU within your car. A bench ECU remap causes most of the following:
  1. Your engine power increases significantly.
  2. It helps beat increasing fuel costs by increasing your MPG.
  3. It makes sure overtaking is much more safe and ensures a much better towing capacity.
In most cases where ECUs are unable to be remapped on the car which requires that the ECU be removed the car and tuned directly to the circuit board on the bench. This often takes 3-4 hours to fully complete the tuning of your car. This method of tuning also enables us to access all parts of your vehicles map which results to a much better remap being achieved. With this method of tuning, it is also possible to clone ECUs. In this instance, we normally take a damaged ECU and then transfer the information present to another unit which results in a cheaper alternative to Main Dealer prices for ECU replacement for your vehicle.

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