Bench Module Cloning

VEPro has the tools and expertise in-house to bench test various modules to identify problems specific to the module without the presence of the vehicle.

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VEPro has the tools and expertise in-house to bench test various modules to identify problems specific to the module without the presence of the vehicle. This type of testing eliminates the variables introduced by the vehicle computers which may cause a faulty diagnostic. Most actual module failures stem from one of these simple causes:
  1. Water Intrusion.
  2. Electrical damage incurred during a jump start.
  3. Mechanical accident damage.
  4. Inadequate internal protection against excessive external current consumption which invariably means inadequate current limiting.
  5. Internal faults due to excessive vibration.
  6. Overheating which often comes a result of water intrusion or inadequate current limiting but majorly as a result of inadequate maintenance.
  7. Electrical damage due to excessively high system voltage i.e overcharging alternator.
  8. Electrical damage incurred during diagnostic testing.
VEPro is the home of all computerized diagnostic related services. We have an amazing team of experts are able to professionally run a computer diagnostic test on your vehicle. Our bench module diagnostic entails checking each component of your vehicle to make sure that nothing is off point and the vehicle’s performance is still efficient and in good working condition. It is important to identify problems early on in order to prevent any bad occurrence especially while you are on the road. At VEPro we run the most comprehensive test to ensure that you get the optimum performance out of your vehicle. We believe no other bench module repair company can offer you the first class experience we give to all of our amazing customers here at VEPro.
Modern vehicles have a variety of computer modules distributed across the vehicle in a network. These modules are saddled with the responsibility of monitoring and controlling everything that pertains to the vehicle from the passenger’s comfort systems to the vehicle’s most sensitive functions which includes both the brakes and ABS. Each of these computer modules are responsible for a large number of circuits. The network of module should have properly functioning channels of communication to share data, mode and state with the others. At VEPro, our experts are sure to address any issues you may have with your vehicle’s electrical system.
Our system diagnostic philosophy at VEPro is to focus on identifying the cause of problems and providing timely,cost-effective solutions. It is undebatable that verifying proper system functionality can be a vigorous task. At VEPro we can subject your vehicle to custom through thorough independent testing in order to ensure that the vehicle’s safety and OEM equipment compatibility. Our experts have extensive experience in vehicle testing and analysis.
VEPro specializes in module programming, reprogramming and initialization of new modules. Many of our services can be performed on the bench. Our experts have been involved in projects such as
  1. Root cause analysis and corrective action reports
  2. Vehicle communication malfunction and recommendations
  3. System troubleshooting involving no start condition
  4. System level support for electronics engineering
  5. Full end-to-end system diagnosis for vehicle full operatoin
  6. Ignition noise troubleshooting to resolve conducted emissions problems and CAN noise up problems
  7. Diagnosis, analysis, and assessment of wireless key communication issues
  8. Troubleshooting of CAN network management (sleep and wakeup) problems
At VEPro we are here to give top notch bench module diagnostic quality services your vehicle deserves.

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Module Cloning

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