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Pontiac Wave/Suzuki Swift/Chevrolet Aveo Instrument Cluster Repair

$ 200.00

  • USD: 164.00$


 Are you having problems with your car’s instrument panel? You might have this problem because of an instrument cluster. We can help you inspect the board and repair this problem.

Service Specifications

An instrument cluster can lead to various failures in your vehicle like a faulty odometer, fuel gauge, speedometer, or tachometer display. Other faults that could arise are backlights failure and gear failure. 


This service will help you repair any instrument cluster failure. You mail the cluster for inspection and repairs are carried out on any fault found. 


Once the cluster gets repaired by our experts, all the gauges on your car instrument panel will start working correctly without any problems. 

Vehicles Supported

The vehicles supported for this service are the Pontiac Wave, Suzuki Swift, and Chevrolet Aveo. You can only repair the instrument cluster in these cars with this service. 

Parts Supported

The part you send for this repair service is your car’s instrument panel. Our professionals can diagnose and solve the problem with the board.

Shipping Information

You will get the address to which you will send your instrument panel when you pay for the service. Please ensure that you include details like your name, eBay name, phone number, address, and email. These details will help us reach you on all matters regarding your shipping.


Please wrap the panel in padded bubbles to protect it during shipping. Make sure your board is also insured before you ship it. 

How much will it cost you?

This repair service costs $200.

How to make your payment.

You pay for the instrument cluster repair service on PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can easily create one on their website. Do not make any payments to third parties for any of the services.


How Do I Know It Is An Instrument Cluster Problem?

An instrument cluster problem is easy to identify. If one or two gauges are not working on your instrument panel, it could be as a result of an instrument cluster. Dim or flickering indicators, inaccurate readings, and an inoperable instrument cluster are also indications of an instrument cluster problem. You can buy this service to solve any problem with your instrument cluster.

Warranty Information

VEPro offers a warranty for all their services. They stand by their services, knowing they are providing the best of what is obtainable in the automobile service industry. 


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