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Benefits of Vehicle Simulation and Module Bench Services

If you are familiar with the automotive competition these days, you’ve probably heard about vehicle simulation and module bench services


Nowadays, most people would associate the term “vehicle model” with a computer representation that can be simulated under several scenarios. Now you may be wondering, why did automotive engineers and students go from making prototypes to working on a computer? Well, it is fun to build a better product that meets specs, and saving time and money is the added perk. Here are the benefits of vehicle simulation.


Faster, better, and cheaper


That’s right! Some benefit of vehicle modeling is that the final product can be manufactured faster, it can be great in terms of engineering needs, and all while decreasing cost. Sounds too good to be true? Let dive deeper. 


creating and simulating a vehicle model allows the engineers to analyze different powertrain configurations and determine if conditions are met for each design. If engineering needs are not met by a powertrain configuration, it is much easier to alter a parameter in a computer model than it is to make a transition to a vehicle prototype that is already made. For instance, it is easy to change the power rating of an electric motor in a computer model, however, it can be exciting to swap motors in a real vehicle.


Another benefit of vehicle modeling is that the engineers can analyze the performance and energy consumptions features of a powertrain configuration from a vehicle model. Ultimately, let’s not forget that running computer simulations is faster and more cost-effective than developing and driving an actual vehicle prototype.


The process involves wiring harnesses and bench setups that would provide to connect multiple modules of the same vehicle and test the operation of the system through OBD and advanced diagnostic tools. This would also allow the simulation of different scenarios to test specific inputs and outputs of control modules.


The bottom line


The automotive industry meets the challenge of handling highly complex software systems in modern vehicles. Therefore, module bench services and vehicle simulation can be a game-changer in the automotive industry. 


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