Bench Module Repair

At VEPro we provide significant capacity for bench repair activities. Our technicians can repair to module or component level and we conduct individual-customer repairs.
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Repair price is at a very affordable cost. It covers parts, labor and calibration or performance tests necessary for repair and have it operate within published specifications. It also includes any factory authorized modifications to ensure that it’s up to current standard.
VEPro has the best equipment and expertise needed to repair water damaged modules, internally shorted modules, corrupted data, to revive either the software or the hardware, through electronic component replacement and advanced software correction algorithms. Bench repair is a great option to field service. For remote locations,it is an effective way of avoiding travel costs and is less costly than on-site service if you could wait a few more days. Our first priority with all of our activities is great customer satisfaction.
At VEPro we repair modules for most makes and models. All repairs are carried out using the most advanced equipment and upgraded components to further improve efficient performance and circuit reliability. Our bench module repair services is dedicated to a major goal which is to provide the best possible services for our customers.
If you are in need of bench module repair, at VEPro our bench technicians are experts and have a great deal of component level troubleshooting with great experience in repair. We make use of advanced equipment to make sure of quality testing and repairs. Whatever the problem might be, whether it was dropped or sustained lightning and/or severe water damage,our experts have extensive board reward capabilities and are able to repair even the most damaged and printed circuit boards back to normal working conditions.
At VEPro we provide significant capacity for bench repair activities. Our technicians can repair to module or component level and we conduct individual-customer repairs. All repairs are done in our workshop and bench tested after repair in our test environment. It is for this purpose that the bench test environment is specifically designed for.
We deal with and are focused on the repair of the following electronic modules:
  1. Power Steering
  2. Body Control Module
  3. Instrument Panel
  4. Cruise Control
  5. Ignition Module
  6. Motor Management
  7. ABS Pump
  8. Throttle Body
  9. Turbo
  10. Transmission, e.t.c.
There are many reasons why you might need a bench module repair/replacement. At VEPro we can save you time and money by testing your Ecu on a bench at a lesser price. Below is an helpful guide that can assist you in determining if you need a bench module repair or otherwise:
  1. Apparent loss of spark
  2. Water damage or fire damage on the Ecu
  3. Overheating Ecu
  4. If your alternator overcharged the battery
  5. Car was jump started on reverse polarity
  6. Check Engine Light stays on after resetting
  7. Engine turning off for no reason
  8. Apparent loss of injection pulse or fuel pump
  9. Loss of communication between Ecu and scanner
  10. A control module memory checksum error
Most dealerships often only have the ability to program ECMs and do not offer repairs. However, at VEPro we have module experts that can help in bench module repair and also have the technology to transfer data memory from a damaged ECM to a remanufactured replacement unit saving you money on costly dealership modules, programming and labor costs.
At VEPro we test and repair ECUs through the use of advanced diagnostic techniques, at prices which are at a fraction of new parts and on all of our repairs we offer a 3-6 months warranty. We mostly secure quite a number of cars, trucks and bus ECU’s for replacement and software through the use of our local and international delivery partners. You can reach out to us via our website to access the best of our services.

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