Autel Maxisys – Diagnostics Software Update

Autel Maxisys – Diagnostics Software Update

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  • Supports Basic Functions including Read Warning Message, ECU Information, Live Data, Read Codes and Erase Codes, as well as 41 Hot Special Functions including BMS Reset Alert, BMS Clear Contactor Stress Index, EPB Service Mode, Brake Bleed and Read/Write TPMS Sensor ID for Model X and Model S (Autel cable kit required, coming soon).
  • Adds Diagnostic Support for Supra of 2019-2021, and 65 New Models, Realizing Full Coverage of Models.
  • Adds Basic Functions including Read Codes, Active Test and Live Data for 27 Systems such as Airbag and Brake Control, Realizing Full Coverage of Systems.
  • Updates Special Function EVAP Check, Expanding Coverage of Models.
  • Adds Service Trans Adaptation, Expanding Coverage of Service Categories.
  • Adds 16 Hot Special Functions
  • Adds Intelligent Recommendation Function for Hot DTCs for Corolla of 2010-2019 for North America, Providing a Set of Detailed and Comprehensive Solutions for DTCs
  • Supports 24 Models of 2021 including A 200 4MATIC, GLA 180, GLA 200, EQA 250 and EQA 300.
  • Adds Hot Functions including ECU Information, Trouble Codes, Oil Reset, etc. for 243/298 Chassis.


  • Adds More than 900 DTCs, More than 80 Live Data Items and More than 3,000 DTC Analyses.
  •  Adds Diagnostic Support for Models up to April 2021.
  •  Adds Topology Function for Models up to April 2021.
  • Adds Service Function Fuel System Bleed.
  • Supports Basic Functions (Read Codes, Live Data, Active Test, Basic Settings and Learning) for Models up to 2021.
  •  Adds 252 Guide Functions in 13 Categories including DPF, SAS, EPB and Oil Reset for VW, Audi and Skoda.


  • Adds Functions including ECU Information, Read Codes, Erase Codes, Live Data and Active Test for 12 Models of 2020-2021 such as K8-Grand Commander, PD-Neon and VM-ProMaster City.
  • Improves 720 Special Functions including Oil Reset, Brake Bleed and Aftertreatment for 48 Models of 2020-2021.
  • Adds Functions including Read Codes, Erase Codes, ECU Information, Live Data and Oil Reset for 21 Models of 2021


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